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Touchstone and Tuba

Uncategorised Posted on Sat, March 28, 2020 16:22:04
Gordon Gostelow as William and Patrick Wymark as Touchstone

On 22 March 1963, BBC 1 broadcast Michael Elliott’s production of As You Like It , in which Patrick Wymark recreated his performance as the jester Touchstone. Elliott’s July 1961 production at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in Stratford had won acclaim from the critics, who fell in love with Vanessa Redgrave playing Rosalind. The play transferred to London’s Aldwych Theatre on 10 January 1962.

The TV production gave TV audiences the opportunity to see the stage cast re-united, including Patrick Allen as Orlando, Rosalind Knight as Celia and Max Adrian as Jacques.

Earlier in the month, BBC audiences had seen Patrick Wymark in another comic role in the 1 March 1963 Comedy Playhouse: Our Man In Moscow. Written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, who had already generated a comedy success with Steptoe and Son, the play starred Robert Morley as Sir William Hunter, the British ambassador in Moscow. Wymark played Nicolai, a Russian tuba player wanting to defect to Britain.

David Collings – Crime and Punishment

Uncategorised Posted on Mon, March 23, 2020 21:39:48
David Collings – 1940 – 2020

David Collings, famed for guest roles in series such as Sapphire and Steel, but with a wide and varied career, has passed away. He made his TV debut as Raskolnikov in the 1964 adaptation of Crime and Punishment.

Patrick Wymark played Porfiry, the detective who slowly uncovers Raskolnikov’s guilt in a double-murder. More about Crime and Punishment here.

The Doppelganger Martini

Uncategorised Posted on Wed, March 18, 2020 20:33:32

Introducing the Doppelganger Martini – created to commemorate the famous scene in the film Doppelganger between Patrick Wymark, Ed Bishop and George Sewell where they celebrate the plugging of a security leak.

The Doppelganger Martini follows the standard recipe of a Vodka Martini, but – as in the film – the proportions should be a mirror image (ie more Vermouth than Vodka). The Martini should always accompany information served up on a plate to our prime suspect.

The Power Game: The New Boy

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, December 12, 2019 23:30:59

13 December 1965 saw Patrick Wymark return as Sir John Wilder in the first episode of The Power Game. Now pitted against a new adversary in the form of Caswell Bligh, played by Clifford Evans

Danger Man – An Affair of State

Uncategorised Posted on Sun, December 08, 2019 13:30:37

‘There are many sharks in San Pablo’ Patrick McGoohan and Patrick Wymark in the 13 November 1960 episode of Danger Man – An Affair of State

Muck and Brass (1982)

Uncategorised Posted on Mon, November 25, 2019 20:26:56

Another in the series of articles on TV shows which followed The Power Game. Muck and Brass starred Mel Smith as property developer Tom Craig, a man on the fringes, fighting his way through the web of corruption that controls a Midlands City.

Tom Clarke’s scripts for the six-part series were incisively written and meticulously researched, with the kind of detail which tells you just what sort of contract to go for if you’re looking to make money out of demolition. You can read more about Muck and Brass here

Happy Halloween

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, October 31, 2019 15:56:48

On this Halloween, you can celebrate watching The Skull, or Witchfinder General or The Psychopath. But today, we’re concentrating on the puzzle that is The Blood on Satan’s Claw – whether it’s our fireside chat, or the full article you can find much discussion about Patrick Wymark’s final film here

The Plane Makers: The Old Boy Network

Uncategorised Posted on Sun, October 20, 2019 20:49:25

The 21 October 1963 episode of The Plane Makers offers a wry look at The Old Boy Network.

When 63 year old Ernie Wainwright (Bert Palmer) lets a new radar unit get smashed, Joseph Breen (Patrick McGee) gives him a week’s notice. “He’s cost this company more than he’ll ever make in his life, and all we can do is sack him!” fumes John Wilder (Patrick Wymark) as he orders the demonstration flight for African Airlines to be postponed.

Miss Lingard (Norma Ronald) takes a message

Unfortunately, junior executive Nigel Carr (Jeremy Burnham) comes in late with a hangover and doesn’t get the message until after he’d promised African Airlines a date for the test flight.

Union Rep Stan Wallace (Anthony Sagar) asks for Ernie to be given a second chance, and put on something easier. Breen turns him down; “If there’d been anything less responsible, he’d have been on it already!” Meanwhile, Wilder has used his personal connections with the radar company to get a replacement rushed through.

The next day, Nigel confesses to Wilder: “I think I’ve made the most appalling boob!” Wilder covers for Nigel by telling the chairman of African Airlines that the radar was damaged after Nigel made his promise.

But word gets out that management have covered for Nigel while sacking Ernie. Eddie Taylor (Richard Shaw), one of the skilled hands responsible for installing the radar equipment, tells Ernie, “They can’t just phone the Labour Exchange and get someone else to do my job. If me and a half dozen of my mates down tools, the whole factory stops.” For the full story on The Old Boy Network go here

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