Peter Madden, Jack Watling, Reginald Marsh and Patrick Wymark

“The Sugden’s of this world are obsolete. Like Bedsocks!”

The 31st March 1964 episode of The Plane Makers brings the conflict between Wilder and Sugden to a head with the end of Sugden’s six-month trial as General Works Manager. Wilder carries a campaign of small insults to undermine Sugden, but the rivalry comes to a head when Sugden is invited to deliver a paper at the Aero Engineers Conference. Wilder plans to sign a deal for six Sovereigns with Gilbert Corey of the Anglo Air Company at the conference. It’s going to be a touch sell, but then Wilder discovers that Corey and Sugden know each other from the War. “How Can You Win If You Haven’t Bought A Ticket?”