26 August 1967 – Patrick Wymark and Lila Kedrova gave their last performance in Newcastle before moving on to the Edinburgh Festival with the Prospect Theatre Company production of The Cherry Orchard. Translated by Richard Cottrell from Anton Chekov’s orginal, the production had already toured several cities. John Peter in The Times wrote: “This moving and versatile production….is based on two superlative performances by Lila Kedrova and Patrick Wymark. ( as Ranyevskaya and Lopakhin) Mme.Kedrova’s portrayal here is a sustained masterpiece of bewildered but proud nobility…Mr.Wymark, too long absent from roles of such complexity , gives a virtuoso account of Lopakhin….the production as a whole is a remarkable attempt to relate the play to Chekhov’s work as a whole…accordingly Mr Cottrell exploits the sheer comic richness of the play and some of its best moments are when inspired idiocy modulates swiftly to poignant pathos.”
Patrick Wymark had last appeared in The Cherry Orchard in 1962, playing the bumbling clerk Epihodov – John Gielgud has played Lopakhin