Having recently solved the mystery of the finicky Coeur a la Creme demanded by Sir John Wilder in The Power Game episode The Crunch, I couldn’t resist tackling the whole meal.

As related here, a recipe for Anne Francis’ Gazpacho and Vincent Price’s Coeur a la Creme can be found in the recent Vincent Price Supper With The Stars cookbook, by Peter Fuller and Jenny Hammerton.

For the main course – Waterzooi – I had to go back to the 1984 Great Restaurant Dishes of the World by Margaret Fulton. I opted to brown some chicken thighs rather than the whole trussed chicken prescribed in the recipe. After simmering them in chicken stock for an hour with chopped celery, leeks, carrot and onion, I managed to pull off the skin and bones without scalding myself.

Unfortunately, after straining off the chicken stock into a clean saucepan with some lemon slices and parsley, I made a hash of the next stage. I should have heated without boiling and gradually introduced a blend of egg yolk and double cream, gradually thickening the sauce. Instead, I let the stock get too hot!. Luckily, there was still plenty of boiled vegetables left in the first pan. So recalling Wilder’s maxim that in any disaster you should “rearrange the pieces in a pattern that suits you”, I created Wilder’s Chicken Jigsaw Hash!

In my second attempt, I got it right. I know a second attempt wouldn’t have been good enough for Wilder, but we won’t tell him!